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The advantage of working with GR8WORK Builders is HOW the job goes. We provide our clients with a service, not just a product. We cater to the individual needs and requirements of each one of our clients. How a homeowner feels about the process greatly affects the entire perception of the job. We employ only skilled workers who care about you and your home. We take great care in employing workers who are particularly skilled as well as extremely conscientious of working in someone’s home. For over 41 years, GR8WORK Builders has specialized in residential remodeling. Our trade contractors with whom we work are also extremely experienced and knowledgeable in remodeling. This knowledge and experience make the problems encountered when remodeling quickly solvable. That means that our projects are completed on time and on budget. How can one put a bottom line on a project scheduled to be completed in 4 months that takes more than 7 months, even if the dollar cost is exactly the same.

Superior Craftmanship

Constant Communication

Attention to Detail

Bids reflect only an initial price, not value. We also know that each project is unique and deserves to be bid individually. That means instead of relying on computer estimating programs or industry average calculations, we make onsite visits with all trade contractors whose scope of work is affected by the existing conditions. You can be assured that your personalized bid is accurate. This attention to detail, even before the job is awarded, is another indication of the many advantages to working with GR8WORK Builders for your remodeling project. When we establish and agree upon the final fixed price contract cost, our clients know exactly what is included and what is not included as well. You will never encounter additional costs without a written, signed Change Order. Even when plans don’t clearly show that some feature of the home is impacted, we’ll address these required costs during the bid. Honest, detailed and complete proposals mean no surprises down the line.
At GR8WORK Builders, we are professional builders who work well with other design professionals, bringing a team approach to each project. We know that when each team member brings their specialized skills to the project, the homeowner benefits. Working together with an architect and/or a designer enriches the homeowners’ projects with more possibilities and ideas. We work hard to make each project a great one. Clients who appreciate great service and consideration to their lives and schedules return time and again. Clients who want a PROFESSIONAL GREEN BUILDER that cares about their health, their environment and the planet appreciates having GR8WORK Builders help them achieve their dreams.

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